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About the artists

Hi, my name is Ken Pleasant. Some of you may know me as Keigs, the alias I have been carving under for years. I love tiki! I love chainsaw carving! Unfortunatly, I have a day job,but in every spare moment I carve wood. It all started way back when I met the love of my life and married into the Westenhaver family. Lots of you may be familiar with a company called Witco that made loads of very distinct dark wood decor from the 50's through the 70's. The artist,owner, designer of this company was William Westenhaver, my wife's Grandfather. Shortly after we were married, I became obsessed with learning how to carve. Grampa took me under his wing, showing me the tricks of the trade, and giving me loads of priceless tips and inspiration besides being one of the coolest people I have ever met. I feel honored to have him in my life. Today, I create and carve with the help of my wife, Heather, many of my own designs, alot of modified Witco designs, as well as some reproductions.